Hundreds of doctors in the country have discovered the value of being an IM-ID. PSMID offers to members the health benefits, discounted registration fees, lifelong learning and the satisfaction of leaving a legacy ofhealthy society.

Membership Categories

Learn the different benefits of being a member of PSMID.

Regular member

Among the most widely-cited, peer-reviewed medical journals in the world, a subscription to Annals is free to PSMID members.

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Reference PSMID's unbiased, evidence-based guidelines online or with our mobile app.

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Through PSMID's collaboration with EBSCO Health, PSMID members receive free access to the most current, evidence-based clinical decision support tool, DynaMed Plus.

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Membersip-only resources

Members get exclusive access to these resources and information.

PSMID Journal

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PSMID By-laws

Know the existing rules and regulation.

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PSMID Annual Report

A year revuew if accomplishments and issues tackled by the society

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Practice resources

Discover the fundamentals and regulations needed in your career.

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Professional Development and Guidelines

PSMID provides resources to advance doctor's knowledge and skills to save lives of Filipinos.

PSMID Culture

Saving lives is only possible if we have engaged and inspired members.

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Clinical Practice Guidelines

As the leading source of information on infectious diseases, PSMID us committed to providing latest trend an evidence-based recommendations..

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CME tools

Access vistual conference and MOCs to satisfy lifelong learning.

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Never miss a scientific meeting with these recorded symposiums.

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Get Engaged

Support PSMID's efforts to advocate on your behalf, and share in the benefits of a network committed to excellence.


Learn more about how we press legislators and regulators for changes to improve your daily work experience, and how you can add your voice to the conversation.

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PSMID Chapters

With over 400 PSMID members around the country, there are a lot of opportunities to meet them.

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Volunteer with PSMID

Give back to the profession by volunteering to review PSMID content, serving as an abstract competition judge, moderating an online Member Forum, submitting material to Annals, etc.

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*PSMID membership year runs from July 1 to June 30. Dues are pro-rated based upon the month a new member joins.

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